Glaciers that receded and melted over thousands of years ago left behind depressions and hydric soils that formed the wetlands we enjoy today. However, over 50% of the nation’s wetlands have been lost due to development, agriculture, pollution, invasive species, and recreational pressure. Because wetlands are the most diverse productive habitats in the world, it is essential to not only understand the function and values of wetlands but to learn what we can do to protect, restore, and manage our wetlands, both natural and man-made.

Wetland services we can provide:

  • Wetland Creation (including mitigation): We can plan and develop areas that look and function very much like a natural wetland.
  • Wetland Impoundments: We have the experience to develop and manage man-made impoundments to attract waterfowl and other wetland-dependent wildlife species for a variety of recreational activities like hunting or bird watching.
  • Wetland Restoration: We can develop and implement plans to return a wetland system to a close approximation of its condition prior to disturbance.
  • Wetland Enhancement: We can develop and implement plans that will increase particular functions of a wetland to improve habitat, such as installing dikes, small structures, or plug subsurface and surface drain tiles. Enhancement also includes planting native wetland vegetation.

Whenever dealing with wetlands, our goal is similar to the National Wetlands Policy of: “No overall net loss of the nation’s remaining wetland base, as defined by acreage and function, and to restore and create wetlands, where feasible, to increase the quality and quantity of the nation’s wetlands resource base.” Wildlife and Wetlands Solutions are committed to using sound management practices while planning or managing your wetland needs.