Our staff at WWS has the knowledge, expertise, and ability to assemble and implement a habitat plan that fits your needs as a landowner, conservationist, hunter, and/or outdoor enthusiast.

Whether your goal is to attract more wildlife, preserve your native landscape, or improve the aesthetic value of your property, our team of wildlife professionals has a solution and a plan to reach those goals.

WWS sees and recognizes the value of working closely with landowners and clients in order to best understand each specific habitat need/s. Our personal step approach involves an in depth one on one conversation with landowners, a site visit (if required), assessment of landowners site goals, and consult/implement an agreed upon plan. We realize that no two situations are the same and each new situation carries with it a new set of circumstances and challenges. We are confident that through our knowledge, experience, positive attitude, honesty, and passion for the outdoor world that we will provide you with a friendly, affordable, and quality service in pursuit of your wildlife habitat goals.